Johnatan Alves de Oliveira

Johnatan is a computer science enthusiast with a degree in Information Systems, a master's degree in Computer Science from UFMG, and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at UFMG. He is also a professor of Software Engineering at PUCMG. Johnatan is passionate about computer science, and his current research focuses on techniques and methods to improve the process of selecting new software developers. He loves programming and has a particular affinity for languages such as Javascript, Python, and Java, as well as technologies like Node.js and React. Johnatan has published in national and international journals and conferences, such as QUATIC, CIBSE, CBSoft, JSERD, and SBQS. Additionally, he is a reviewer for national and international papers in the field of software engineering.


Research Interests

- Software Engineering
- Software Project
- Software Quality 
- Systems Modeling/UML

Social Networks

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