Threshold Derivation Tool (TDTool)

The Threshold Derivation Tool (TDTool) is a tool to support derivation of thresholds for software metrics.

TDTool provides threshold derivation using 4 different methods from literature: Alves et al. (2010), Ferreira et al. (2012), Oliveira et al. (2014), and Vale and Figueiredo (2015).

To derive thresholds, TDTool receives a .csv file with software metrics. Then, the user may choose one of the 4 available methods to run. The user may also choose specific metrics for threshold derivation. After running the chosen method, the tool provides a .csv file with derived thresholds for each chosen metric.

Link to download the tool: TDTool - Threshold Derivation Tool.

Link to the tool's source code: coming soon.


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